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Progressive Victory is an online community of activists, content creators, and volunteers, using the power of the internet to win elections and protect democracy.

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Relational Organizing

Even if we already vote in every election, we all know people who don’t. Making sure our friends and family understand the importance of engaged citizenship is our first responsibility, and we’ve got resources to help make those conversations easy.

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Neighborhood Canvassing

Progressive Victory staff and volunteers identify the most important and impactful elections across the country at the local, state, and national levels. If you live in one of our targeted districts - or can get to one easily - we’ll get you trained and knocking doors.

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Text & Phone Banking

If you don’t live within easy range of a targeted district, we’ll hook you up with other progressives at virtual meetups to contact voters via phone and text.


The PV22 community is constantly growing. Our members are organizing in their local communities and in our 2022 targeted races, sharing resources, tactics, and people power in PV22's dedicated Discord community.

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